Supporting the Life Cycle of Our Associates’ Success.

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At Snyder Cohn, our associates are far more than a number.  With more than 75 team members, we don’t expect everyone to look a certain way, work the same schedule or be interested in a “one size fits all” career path. We don’t push everyone to conform to a rigid structure and we value you as an individual.

Working here, you simply have more control over your life than you would at larger public accounting firms.  Our sophisticated document management system frees you to be productive working on your own schedule, from virtually anywhere.  After tax season, you can anticipate a fairly regular 40-hour week except when other critical deadlines occur.

At Snyder Cohn, you matter–but not just to us; you matter to our clients.  Most of our long-standing clients are closely held private companies, so over the years of working with them, you will really get to know them.  You will learn about their dreams and their families and they will take a similar interest in you.

Because we retain our clients a long time, no matter what area you specialize in, you will enjoy working with the same clients regularly.  Over the years, their needs will evolve, and your role may change, but the bonds of trust that you forge will only grow stronger, and your relationships deeper.  You will earn the role of trusted advisor – you become their “wingman.” Many of our associates report that their long-lasting client relationships are one of the most satisfying aspects of working with Snyder Cohn.

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