Healthcare & Medical Practice Consulting

Addressing Challenges and Uncovering Opportunities for More than 20 Years

Snyder Cohn has built a reputation as having one of the nation’s leading healthcare and medical accounting and consulting practices.

By working closely with physicians, healthcare executives, practice managers and hospital administrators, our consultants deliver value by advising medical practices and healthcare organizations on topics including increasing your revenues, streamlining procedures, selling or merging your practice or company, and managed care contract analysis.

Snyder Cohn understands key trends and challenges that are impacting healthcare firms and medical practices, including:

  • Recent studies show that physicians are being increasingly squeezed by declining paychecks (due to lower reimbursement from insurers) while their time spent with patients has actually increased.
  • Consolidation of third-party payers has resulted in a smaller group of large payers whose drive to curb healthcare costs have put downward pressure on Medicare and other reimbursements to physicians in recent years.

As a result of its focused experience with medical practices and healthcare firms, Snyder Cohn can help improve your bottom line directly and efficiently.