Our Unique Approach

Supporting the Life Cycle of Success.SM

As a firm founded in 1927, we know something about success, continuity and change. In fact, in a world where milestones are often measured monthly and quarterly, many of our clients and associates have been with us for decades.

We learned long ago that serving as an organization’s accounting firm also places us in a role of trusted advisor throughout the business life cycle, including clients’ major events such as organizational or ownership changes, including business formation, mergers, acquisitions, liquidation and leadership succession.

This experience translates into immeasurable added value for our clients who get the quality accounting services they expect and deserve, plus a team of seasoned advisors who’ve honed their skills based on hundreds of situations and years of training.

A Culture of Listening, Learning and Caring

The life cycle of success doesn’t just happen—we facilitate and nurture it, not only with our clients but with our associates.

What distinguishes Snyder Cohn, according to our clients—some of whom have been with us for over 50 years—is our approach: We instill a culture of listening and learning to make sure we understand our clients’ needs so our interactions are as smooth and seamless as possible.

This culture is embodied by Snyder Cohn University (SCU), our ongoing forum for information sharing and knowledge building.