The Much Awaited Email Amnesty Legislation

by Steve Braunstein, CPA

Are you one of the many individuals that find your email inbox gets out of control? Have you ever wished you could just delete your inbox and start all over again? If so, then the recently passed federal email amnesty legislation is just for you.

Just one week after Congress pulled the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, they were able to come together early this morning and unanimously pass in both houses the Email Amnesty Legislation. At the request of The President, the new law is named the Taxpayer Relief from Unwanted eMail Plan or TRUMP for short.

The law is in response to concerns that personal and/or work email has gotten out of hand. It allows special tax incentives for deleting all items in your inbox with no questions asked. No questions from your boss, your work associates, bill collectors and even those pesky emails from family. Just think of the reduced stress in your life and the increased productivity by not having to deal with your thousands of emails.

Businesses that allow their employees to utilize email amnesty, will receive a tax credit of $5,000 per employee up to a maximum credit of $500,000 beginning April 1, 2017 and expiring on April 1, 2021. Individuals can only receive a tax credit for their personal email accounts and the maximum credit is $1,000 for married taxpayers and $500 for single taxpayers. The administration has done a comprehensive CBO Study showing the increased productivity that will help fund the cost of this program. The remaining cost of the program will be funded by an increase in taxes paid by all email providers, including GOOGLE, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. They all expect an increase in profits as a result of this new legislation.

Studies have shown that employees can spend as much as 25% of their day dealing with email. The new law will help give the US a global competitive edge compared to other countries. The Trump administration sees this as another step in “Making America Great Again”. While Hillary Clinton has been silent on this new legislation, it is rumored that she wishes this law was in effect a few years ago!!

We at Snyder Cohn have worked closely with the Maryland and Virginia Congressional and Senatorial delegation on the importance of voting for this law. We are excited to be among the first to share this news on April 1, 2017. As more detailed regulations are released we will put them on our web site, because after all, we would not want to send you yet another email.