Our People

We are Snyder Cohn and we believe in developing relationships built upon trust.

When we work with you, we…
Welcome you into our warm, family-like world where you can experience how much we truly care about YOU, and about each other.

Connect with you and listen well to your business and individual needs, so that we can add maximum value and provide you the best results.

Are direct, open and honest at all times because being authentic is who we are and we show that you can count on us fully.

Respond with a sense of urgency to your questions and requests and meet our mutual deadlines because what you need matters greatly to us.

Are proactive about our communications with you, say what we mean and do what we say, and are fully accountable to the commitments we make to you.

Invest deeply, both in our associates and our clients, and strive for excellence, always.

Are experts at solving even the most challenging issues, and our flexible, forward-looking team collaborates to bring you fresh, new approaches combined with age-old wisdom.

We consider you our family and value our lifelong partnership.

We are Snyder Cohn’s CPA’s and Trusted Advisors. If this sounds like a firm you want to partner with, a family you want to join, give us a call!


Leadership Team