Potomac Neurosurgery

“My experience with the firm of Snyder Cohn has been uniformly positive. My firm, Potomac Neurosurgery has worked with the Snyder Cohn team for the past 10 years. They helped transform my low volume, sedate practice into a major player in the Southern Maryland area. This culminated with the successful sale of the practice to Georgetown-MedStar, thus providing institutional continuity and quality care for the years to come.

“Steve, who is the corporation accountant, was always available with good advice and innovative solutions.

Jane and other Snyder Cohn team members helped me when the partners were not available, particularly when the situation was delicate or urgent, giving me access to my advisors in a friendly, professional and efficient manner.”

“For this I thank you all and wish you well”

Guy Gargour, M.D.

Potomac Neurosurgery