90 Years of Looking Ahead

steve braunstein president partner snyder cohn accounting tax audit business advisor washington dc, maryland, virginiaThis year, 2017, Snyder Cohn is recognizing a milestone that most companies can only dream about—our 90th “birthday.” Reaching this landmark speaks volumes about our firm—yes, we are known as being stable, dependable and consistent. But to have success over nine decades, you also have to be flexible, innovative and resourceful. Our 90th year in business is the perfect opportunity to highlight just that. Since our inception in 1927, Snyder Cohn has made it a priority to adopt and promote forward-thinking initiatives, including:

  • Developing progressive and original solutions to support our clients’ “lifecycles of success”; and
  • Being an early adopter of technology, “green” practices, diversity, coaching and liberal telecommuting policies that have benefited our clients, associates and community.

Because some of these more vibrant aspects of our philosophy and culture are sometimes overlooked (let’s face it, most accounting firms aren’t known for being “vibrant”), we have chosen a 90th birthday theme that honors both our legacy and our commitment to innovation: “90 Years of Looking Ahead”.

In the coming weeks and months you’ll be hearing more about our celebration. In the meantime, we thank and honor our many clients, associates and friends (present and past) who have contributed so much to Snyder Cohn’s success.