Do You Value Your Real Estate Holdings?

Many real estate investors and owners use a market capitalization rate (cap rate) to value their real estate holdings. However, it can be difficult to find the correct cap rate for the particular type of real estate you wish to value in any given metropolitan area.

CBRE publishes a detailed Cap Rate Survey twice a year to keep investors and owners updated on the current status and expected growth of the ever-changing real estate market. It covers the East, Midwest, Southern, and Western regions and differentiates between Class A, B, and C real estate and both “downtown” and “suburban” areas. The survey includes cap rates for office, multifamily, retail, industrial, and hotel real estate properties.

At Snyder Cohn, we use CBRE’s Cap Rate Survey to help our clients value their real estate holdings for a variety of purposes, including personal financial statements. If you have questions about how your real estate holdings are being valued, please contact Brittany Craft via Email or by calling 301-652-6700.